Friday, September 28, 2007

Mark Foggo's Skasters 2 discos!!!

Couldn't Play Ska (1996)

Titulo: Couldn't Play Ska
Artista: Mark Foggo's Skasters
1. Bumpy Airlines
2. Ska Town
3. Foreign Food
4. Rudie come Back
5. Hit Me
6. Rub Up, Push Up
7. Losing Her Appeal
8. The Magnificent Foggo
9. What A Lovely Day For A Hanging
10. Couldn't Play Ska
11. She Will Never Do That Again
12. Yakkety Yak

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St. Valentine's Day Massacre (1997)

Titulo: St. Valentines Day Massacre
Artista: Mark Foggo's Skasters
1. St. Valentines Day Massacre
2. A Very Fussy Pussycat
3. Big Red Cars
4. Fat Girl
5. Car On A Train
6. Knifeman Jack
7. Road Rage
8. It's You
9. One
10. Stand And Deliver
11. He Drives A Volvo
12. Ramona From Barcelona
13. Mama Don't Like It
14. Ska Street

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